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Protection for Individuals

As well as insuring your possessions and pets, it is always worth giving thought to family finances too. Illness or loss can devastate a family emotionally and financially, causing untold stress. We can’t prevent these things happening but we can put you in touch with insurances that will cover you financially in case of death, injury, illness or disability.

Protection for Individuals

We help you decide

With a vast range of schemes to consider, we can help you to decide on what is best for you. Some plans offer lump sums whilst others provide a regular income. By allowing us to work as your Financial Advisor, we can ensure that you have the best plan to suit you and that it is set up correctly. Failure to do this can result in problems later on such as insufficient cover or tax difficulties.

We will look at your situation in detail and recommend the most suitable protection to suit your circumstances and budget.

Why Blithe House?

Blithe House Financial Management Ltd is based in Cheshire and provides a wide range of financial expertise to individuals and corporate clients throughout the Northwest. We are truly independent and therefore not restricted to a single product provider which enables us to give unbiased advice and offer products from any provider right across the market.